Reposition Video without affecting Crop Actor

  • Hello Isadora community,

    so, I'm pretty new with Isadora and struggling to optimize my scenes so that if I have to move something around it does not mess up all the other position and crop values I already set.

    The idea is: Two walls on stage open up and reveal a video scene. I used the crop and envelope actor to do this, so the video opens like a curtain with the walls moving. So I tell the envelope that the 0 value is 50 and then 0, for both left and right. So far so good. Now I want to be able to move the video around and reposition it, so I added a Zoomer Actor between Movie Player and the Crop Actor. But with the position of the video changes the position of the Crop Effect I already set up. Am I doing this all wrong? Is there a way around this? Usually I do this with an alpha mask but in this case I need a crop animation, which is why I was using the Crop actor instead of Alpha Matte.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Tech Staff

    Can you not just put the Zoomer after the Crop?

  • @Vanessa-Dahl

    I am not sure to understand your problem because I cannot reproduce it.

    The  first picture is what you want to project. I use a second test picture instead of black for the background.

    In picture 2 I crop both sides with the value 15.

    on the third I zoomed in the first picture. No change in the crop background

    On the fourth I move the 1. picture with horizontal and vertical pan. Also no change in the crop.

    The only explanation for me is that you used the horz and vert  center to move the picture (picture 5). In this case after a certain position you see a black background and you can think you cropping is moving but as you can see with the other background in picture 5 it is not the case. You get only more black from the foreground picture.

    I used the same configuration as you only without the second crop actor.



  • Tech Staff

    You can reposition your video on the 'canvas' by using the Matte actors.
    If you input a background that is the your stage size, you can then place your video onto it in what ever position you like.
    I think this is what you wanted to accomplish.