[ANSWERED] Audio input as a visual representation

  • I saw some older topics with this question in mind that didn't have any solutions at the time and I was wondering if anyone had made any new innovations in this space for Isadora.

    Specifically I'm looking to take an audio input from a mic that I could make into something like a visual RTA or sine wave similar to Siri on a iPhone. I'm open to other ideas too if anyone happens to have something and maybe a direction to point me. 

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    There are some great options to generate an audio response in Isadora. Someone once said to me ‘Oh, you use Isadora! That’s the software that links anything to anything’ so it is known for its flexibility. The first steps are to reflect on the audio source and the final visual style that you are looking for.

    Here is a link to a screen capture of a proof of concept file that takes an audio track and uses the frequency response to visualise a pattern using line segments: Example Frequency Line. This can be easily generated for the frequency response of a ‘live’ audio input using the functions associated with audio capture settings in Isadora. With a basic pattern started you can then use it with additional effects, for example colour modulation and Motion Blur etc. It can also be daisy chained to create finer segmentation (curve)!in the line.

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    There are many approaches, but I believe I included a demo file with my Value Decay user actor.


    might be fun for you.

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    There's also the Grapher Plugin: https://troikatronix.com/plugi...

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  • These are awesome responses. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the info!