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           I was looking into checking out Isadora and I came across some other softwares like touch designer,vvvv. But from a UI perspective I kinda was keen on Isadora. So my question is learning this software what would be the pros and cons using it. Also wasn't sure if you guys used other software with Isadora but I am a user of LightWave 3d and Davinchi Resolve so I think these could really work good together as I like to do sculpting/modeling and vfx work in the softwares.


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    Isadora has a focus on ease of use. Especially since you are producing content in specialized 3D and Video Editing software you will be able to very quickly bring your content into Isadora and add some interactive control and/or video mapping very quickly.

    Other software in the market tends to require more programming knowledge to accomplish things that are very quick and easy in Isadora. 
    In the end of the day it depends what you wan to do. Myself I find I can do wide variety of projects in Isadora, ranging from real-time pixel mapping installation art through to panoramic theatrical scenery.

    If you have specific questions, I am happy to get into them :) however,
    I am sure the user community here is better suited to provide real specifics.

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    Isadora is great because of its flexibility and compatibility with a good variety of development environments. It makes prototyping super efficient and that helps when making a final deployment. Even though the focus of Isadora is largely driven by video effects and projection manipulation, there is access to many other worlds such as serial interfaces, dmx and ArtNet lighting control, midi interfaces, and internet web based protocols - to name a few. Because you mention 3D software in your toolset, I can tell you that I particularly like exploring the limitations of using 3D models in Isadora. There is only the option for one type of legacy 3DS file type to be used. There is not much in the way of establishing a 3D environment and the 3D camera options are the most rudimentary. Many who want to work interactively with the latest in 3D spatial dynamics - such as fluids etc. will be drawn to other software. I have enjoyed digging deep in Isadora to find relationships between process nodes and the many hidden attributes that can bring 3D to life in the program. The apparent limitations have fuelled a creative response that has been a great satisfaction. But overcoming creative limitations is like that. 

    It is appropriate to acknowledge Mark Coniglio who leads the Isadora development and lead programmer. You will not find a more generous and responsive spirit who tangibly engages with users of his software. Mark and the rest of the small team has genuine delight in seeing the creativity and the artistic outcomes that Isadora affords. That is why there is an inclusive, tolerant and approachable community of practice associated with the software.

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