[ANSWERED] PSN (PosiStageNetwork) Support

  • Does you system has support PosiStageNetwork(PSN) connection for tracking system?

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there, 

    Isadora 3.x currently does not have the ability to work with PSN (PosiStageNetwork) to our knowledge (please be aware that I'm just a community member and not an official troikatronix staff member that can respond to this queries since we dont know what is currently in devolpement behind the scenes)

    Known tracking methods that work with Isadora:

    1. OpenNI (Kinect Sensors, Orbec)
    2. Rokoko SmartSuit (not fully released yet)
    3. BlackTrax (currently in development, but has been shown a year ago on the Isadora werkstatt)
    4. And ofc all the 'old school' tracking methods like Blob Tracking / etc.

  • Juriaanthank you for your answer!