• Hi folks! I've been doing some teaching sessions over the past few months on migrating projection designers to live stream media designers using Isadora. As part of this, I recently created an example patch I wanted to share in collaboration with Richard Williamson, who works with me here at Liminal. 

    The patch allows you to pass in a full screen Zoom/ZoomOSC gallery view and it outputs individual video feeds of each participant regardless of where they are in the gallery view. This occurs in two stages:

    1. Auto-cropper, which is powered by a GLSL shader Richard created, with source code available here

    2. A Decider, which takes the positions of the gallery view and the "actor IDs" and uses a bunch of routers to post those feeds to the correct talent output

    To use it, hook up a projector and video input to the auto cropper and the calibration output line, and adjust the red box until it fully covers the gallery squares. Then, fill out the other auto-cropper user inputs, or use ZoomOSC to provide / derive these values automatically. On the decider, punch in the actor IDs from top left to bottom right as you see them, or use the /zoomosc/gallery/order return OSC line from ZoomOSC to automatically input these fields (adding +1 to move from ZoomOSC's zero-indexed system to a one-indexed list). 

    If you have fewer than 12 talent in your gallery view, no worries! Just fill out / hook up what you can, and set the rest to some other ID not used in your talent list. 

    Here is a direct download link to the patch.

    I made this version very quickly, and there is a lot of internal wiring (I'm sure seasoned Izzy programmers will roll their eyes when they see the internal hook up, sorry! in a constant rush these days!). If you notice an issue or bug, please alert me so I can fix it for everyone!

    I hope this helps your shows.

  • @liminal_andy  Thank you very much for sharing and for the tremendous work you have done. It's a great help



    ps: all the wiring looks great!

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    This looks great thank you. 

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    If you're comfortable sharing this, it'd be great to have a version of this on the TroikaTronix Add-Ons page (link in my signature) if it's not there already :)

    Best wishes,


  • @woland I need to make some updates to it, and then I will make it available! Poke me if I don't :)