Izzy and ZoomOSC to run a live show

  • I work in a high school in Chicago, and we are running a remote show today and tomorrow, Oct 29-30 at 7pm Central Time. We use ZoomOSC to index where our actors are in the zoom call, and then use that info in Izzy to route the actors to the correct spots. The play is an original work written to be performed over zoom based (loosely) on Dracula. it's been a real challenge, but super fun too. Thanks to Mark for the screen capture actor and Liminal ET for ZoomOSC. Check us out at quincymorrison.net. We will also have a recording of the show up at some pint next week on the site. We are just scratching the surface of what we think we can do with Izzy! Thanks!

  • @frank522 all the best for tonight !!


  • The recording of our show is up. We performed it live and recorded the twitch stream. Check it out at quincymorrison.net.