Faust_requiem in St. Gallen Switzerland

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    A spoken opera by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    Tonight is the premiere of this show.
    I am using Isadora for recorded and life video, and to control the Christie projector with RS-232, shifting the lens down to light up the stage.

    The picture shows a live projection with a window front of a restaurant in the neighbourhood that was pre-recorded.


    bb9947-faustscreenshot.png b8c101-faustscreenshot.png

  • Wish I could be there to see it - hope the show goes really well :-)
    Greetings from Lisbon

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    Thanks Stephan

    The premier went very well.


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    Looks great Michel.

    I've never heard of a show before where you alter the projector live using 232 :)
    Id love to read a write up/report about it when you have time.

  • Wendall Harrington's team looked at doing that via TCP/IP control for the recent broadway revival of Annie but ultimately couldn't get enough precision out of the projectors.

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    Michel can do anything! He's a wizard!

  • I think the issue on Annie was that they were doing precise projection mapping and the accracy of the stepper motors for the lens shift and focus on the projectors wasn't up to snuff

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    As soon as I find time I will do a report on my homepage and post the link here.

    The christie WU12K-M had the possibility to calibrate the lens system via RS232 command. Saying that, for our show the absolute precise position was not to important so I can not say how well the lens calibration works. Thats what the manual says:_

    This control calibrates the lens mount system for each of the 4 lens axes (horizontal, vertical, zoom and focus) to determine home positions, the motor travel ranges, and the motor backlash values. The Lens Calibration procedure is needed for all new lenses in order for the ILS feature to perform reliably. This control can also reset the lens to horizontal or vertical home positions, and configure if a reset or calibration routine should be run automatically on power up or lens insertion._


  • looks really nice!

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