• Hello I am new to the group. My apologies if this is an elementary question. If I run Isadora on two separate machines but I need to sync audio and visual players from both machines can I use a trigger and a clock to autostart the players at the same time. Example I have a lead vocalist on one projector on (Mac 1) and the full band with audio on (Mac 2). If I can use the internal clock from each machine they in theory would start at the same time syncing the audio from Mac 2 with the lead vocalist on Mac 1. Appreciate any input and thank you 

  • Izzy Guru


    If both computer have the exact same system time this would work with the "Time of Day" actor. 

    Best Michel

  • if they have to be exactly in Sync, i would recommend networking the machines together and using Michel's SyncVideo actor. you could then trigger them at any time.