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    Hello all,

    I made an Isadora User Actor, Isadora Patch, and OSCulator file that allows control of Isadora via OSC using a Wii Remote.

    OSCulator is a Mac-only software that costs $20 USD and, among other things, allows you to use a Wii Remote as a wireless controller by taking the data collected from the Wii Remote and transmitting it via OSC or MIDI to other software on your computer. When paired with Isadora, it allows you to use the Wii Remote as an interactive controller/data source for anything inside your Isadora Patch.

    It can be found on the plugin page here: https://troikatronix.com/plugin/1-wii-remote/

    Best wishes,


  • Tech Staff

    Bumping this post because it's now on the Plugin Page :)