• Hi there,

    some time ago I had the issue of movies not playing back because they were in a folder with an accent: e.g. "F:\espectáculos\", this has been solved.

    Yesterday I found out that the DATA ARRAY file path does not like accents either, even when only specifying the file name and the file being at the same folder as the patch. I guess this affects all "extended ASCII characters" (128 onwards)

    Moving the file to a folder with only "conventional" ASCII characters works fine. Possibly this spreads over other actors using folders. Would be fine to have this fixed, although the workaround is quite easy.

  • Tech Staff

    I don't seem to have this problem in 3.0.7 on Mac

    Here's a test file where I can read data from a file named "espectáculos.text" in or outside a folder named "espectáculos".