• Hello,

    I have a basic question : how to transmit a value from a scene to another ?

    I tried with a broadcaster/listener and it doesn't work (it works only in the same scene)

    My situation is this one :

    I created a patch to control Wahlberg winches with a enttec box.

    The first scene of my patch is used to fix the basics settings (dmx address, soft limits). 

    Once the settings values are encoded, they must be recall in all the next scene. Each scene contains the matrix value that send the dmx values to the enttec.

    Thanks !


  • Izzy Guru


    For that you can use the "Set Global Values" and the "Get Global Values" actors.

    Best Michel

  • Nice and easy !

    Thanks a lot !

  • broadcaster an listener works only if booth senes are active so you need to activate em through activate scene actor. by this way you can cast even a video to a secondary scene or recive it 

  • i ve saw you have an answer but because , one question has often many answer , I would know if it could possible to use user actor ? 

    Build your user actor as you builded your first scene , then past that user actor in each scene that you need it . Then each time you need ( new show ?)  Change the value in the user actor in the first scene and when close the user actor , select update all . 

    It will work , no ?