• Hey!
    I am trying to get a wii motion plus up going with osculator and isadora. I have connection in Osculator but I cannot make it work in Isadora. I have not used it for a long time( since 2009) is there any changes I should know about?
    I have Osculator Version 2.12.7 (20130308) and Isadora core the latest Beta version....

  • Dear sisselera,

    Have you set the OSC routing in OSCulator? One setup I have looks like the picture attached.
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  • Hey Mark!
    Thanks for your fast respond!
    The only way I have got an Osc Listner to trig is with this setup... There are something that is wrong in my setup
    b4352a-skrmbillede-2013-06-01-kl.-22.06.10.png d2949c-skrmbillede-2013-06-01-kl.-22.12.43.png

  • now I got the first 0: pitch working in Isadora, but the rest does not respond

  • Dear sisselera,

    You are sending all the values to the same OSC address. You need to use "/isadora/1" for one param, then "/isadora/2" for the next, etc.
    The example I sent you requires setting up the OSC receive in the Stream Setup window. That's where you can receive custom OSC addresses that are not "/isadora/1".
    Hope that helps,