Better (less cpu or gpu use ) Way of work ?

  • Hello , there is many way to do one stuff, I'm loocking for the fewest cpu or gpu use .

    first, I'll explain what I wanna do, second I'll explain what i did, third I ll explain the other way I project to test , fourth you say what you think is thge better solution and why :)

    • I work with wysiwyg who is a lighting simulator , I have a cube with (of course) 6 faces (2m*2m), each face is a screen with different stuff(pictures) to display. 
      isadora is sending the pictures .the 2 software are on the same pc and the video is transmit by ndi .

    • to avoid the "rush hour" on network, isadora is sending on 1000p*1000p vidéo flux.
      In isa I have 6 projector 1 by cube face with different XY value  each withe stage one as output .
      In Wysiwyg the NDI source is divided in 16 subsource, I'm only using the row 1 column 2/ row 2 col 1,2,3,4 /row 3 col 2 .

    Other way to test :

    • May  6 stages each with 1/1 ratio and (in wyg mapped to the cube face) the ndi flux will be smaller (if I keep the same size as now)
    • Mat there is a way with izzy map, with only one projector ?

    So in Isadora is it better to work with one stage and multiple projectors, or with multi stage ?

    Are Projectors the same as layer or  in arkaos and stages the same as surface in video mapper? 

    Thanks for your help!!! :)

  • Tech Staff


    Projectors do offer layering, and its fair to mentally think of them in this way although they offer more.
    Stages can be thought of as surfaces, or devices.

    Your 1000x1000 canvas is likely using more resources than needed, due to the large unused black area.

    Since your software is on one machine, it would be more efficient to use Spout/Syphon rather than NDI.

  • @dusx thanks , i will have a look to spout / syphon , I work with ndi , because if I ll add a pc for isadora later 😉

    You are true for the black area, I'll change my setup with stages