• I am using ZoomOSC which sends OSC to port 1234. This is great, but I have my own piece of code that I'd like to use to listen to port 1234. My app will the pass on other OSC commands to Izzy, but I need my app to listen to port 1234 instead of izzy.

    I was able to tell izzy to listen to a different port from Preferences, but even after changing it to 2234 and restarting, it still continued to grab port 1234 in addition to the one I had set in prefs.

    If I run my app before starting izzy, then it can claim the port first, but looking at `lsof`, I can see that isadora was still trying to use port 1234. If I restart my app, then isadora will have claimed the port again and my app won't receive anything until I restart isadora.

    Any suggestions?


  • Tech Staff


    If Isadora is still claiming the port its likely due to some built in OSC addresses, although I am not 100% certain. I will need to look into this.
    Can ZoomOSC not send to another Port number?

  • @dusx

    According to the ZoomOSC people, the port is not currently configurable. There are always workarounds, like I can have izzy get the request and pass them to my app on another port, but that's a little kludgy. Also, part of what my app does is figure out some values that it will send back to izzy through OSC (on yet another port).

  • @peuclid We just pushed a beta build to let you set your own port on the ZoomOSC side.

  • @liminal_andy Thanks so much Andy! Really appreciate it!