A handy user actor for you to check out

  • i've made a simple little user actor that makes things fade out nicely. if you have a peak in a value that is constantly changing, this will grab the maximum value at that peak and gradually fade down to the current value. i've found it sometimes leads to more pleasing results when motion tracking.

    if there's a more simple way to achieve this, then i'd be delighted to find out about it.


  • Can you explain this a bit better. I don't see it doing much. Maybe you can show how do you use it in the patch.

  • ok: here's a patch i made with it.

    any movement on camera causes the sound to be effected, but instead of it going straight back to normal when the movement stops, it slowly fades back down to normal.

  • Dear dbini,

    I had to delete your user actor and the picture in the previous post. It seems to have been corrupted by the forum outage. Please edit your post, and add them again. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
    Best Wishes,