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    Hi all,

    For a couple of years now I've been developing my own cue system to do complex cue's inside a scene. 

    I've used it in this latest version in multiple projects so i decided to share it with you all: https://troikatronix.com/plugi...

    Some info:
    The system consists of 4 actors:
    • "Cue system" = A counter that sends a cue number to the other actors (every scene has his own channel). It also has the opportunity to go back or reset. There is also an override that i use to combine this system with OSC, Dmx or Midi from a lighting desk.
    • "Cue Jump" = give a cue number to jump (with delay (for follow cues) and fade time)
    • "Cue envelope" =  This is the actor I use the most. It gives the option to fade between values on a given cue, if you link them together you can make very complex cue's with safety's....
      It also gives a trigger and a Boolean output.
      It is build in a way that it only triggers if the cue number goes up. If you go back it will reset to the initial value but won't be triggered.  
    • "Cue trigger" = a slimmed down version of the envelope generator that only triggers a value. 

    Hope this can be helpful for somebody.

    If you have remarks, comments, things you would change,... i would love to hear it. 

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    These are cool. I can see myself making good use of them. 
    Thanks for sharing.

  • @GertjanB 

    They are pretty amazing. Even more so when you look under the hood. That aspect has always fascinated me with respect to Isadora and how little I think I know...

    Many thanks. Very powerful and pretty amazing


  • @gertjanb Not had a proper play yet but they look great. Downloaded and looking forward to trying them out, thanks for sharing.

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    Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing