• hi guys

    just discovering isadora 3 (i'm a bit late ok) and i'm having trouble with ci actors:

    in a patch (that works great under 2.6 version) the single use of a Core Image Actor  combine to a gpu stream, leads to a huge crash of isadora.

    The Frame Rendering Load rise to 2000% (and more !!!) and then freeze the app. and the entire computer.

    I didn't read anything about ci actors disfunction in the user manual or on this forum so

    do i miss something?

    I'm running macos high sierra 10.13.6 and isadora 3.07

    anyway i'm rewritting the entire patch so it's not a big problem but for now i just can't use ci actor at all.

    thanks for your lights


    here's a screen capture  that will not help you...':


  • Tech Staff


    Yes, CI actors rely on Apple frameworks that may not be as up-to-date as we would like. It seems Apple has not been investing in these updates.
    We have a list of known CI actors that are now incompatible with Isadora available here.

  • @dusx thank you for the information.

    in my case Torus and vortex distortion are the ones used in that patch.

    i will continue to investigate and try to find something approaching in GLSL shaders.

    thkx angain