• I don't know what it is: a bug, a know bug or whatever. I have copied some controls by disabled "Auto Renumber ID Conflicts" and got as expected new controls with the same IDs as the copied one. But as I tried to renumber them (Controls/Renumber all controls ID…) nothing happen:

    Bug or making something wrong?
    By the way, provided the renumbering would run, I would wish to have the possibility to renumber only selected controls and to give a tart number e.g. renumber this 10 controls beginning by 400.



  • Tech Staff


    I can confirm that 'Renumber all control IDs...' is not working and this bug is recorded.
    It appears to be specific to these specific steps within one Isadora document.
    If you paste the controls into a new Isadora document, they can be renumbered, and then cut/paste back to your working document.

  • @dusx

    I cannot confirm it is working in another Isadora document. Only if I have already some controls in this document and auto renumber ID conflicts enabled the control IDs will change but if auto renumber ID conflicts is disabled I get double IDs and renumber doesn't work.

    To better understand how this works, can you tell me what the rules are for changing IDs.
    Is the change done according to the place in the control panel, according to the order of creation or ...

    Test renumber.izz



    PS: I wrote this post for the second time because the first ne doesn't appear after clicking on send. I apologize if this message appear two times.