MY ULTIMATE VIDEO MIXER & Cue-sheet for 2 stages & 5 movie player

  • Hello Isadorators,

    Its been a while I wanted to share my "everyday" patch when I'm on production for an opera.

    Its my tool to quickly try & tweak videos (right part) and it becomes my cue sheet (left part) at the end of the process.  

    Its not bug free and design could be improved, but I hope some of you can find it useful in part or as a whole.

    Here are the like to the patch:

    and to the youtube presentation in english: 

    end in French: 

    Let me know if you made some interesting improvement on it!



  • @tease You have done tremendous work here, the level of detail and neatness is impressive. Thank you very much for sharing it with us



  • @tease thanks for sharing and going ot the trouble of making the video as well. Haven't had chance to watch the whole thing yet but will do. Great work.

  • Tech Staff


    Fantastic work! Would you consider uploading it to the Plugin Page? The Plugin Page a much better place for storing downloadable things you want to share with the community because these kinds of posts tend to get lost over time amid everything else in the forum.

  • @woland i'm trying to do it now, post on pluggin page,  but I guess i'm not allowed as a regular user? It does not take my email/password and redirect me to a wordpress page... do I need another account?

    thank you all for you comment, it was long due this post, but maybe its better like that because I kept working on the patch!

    Do test it well befor production, its got a few bug!

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    You need a new account. It is not linked to the logins that you already use for Troikatronix websites / services.

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    Yes, the Plugin Page runs through WordPress, so it's a different account than your forum account. Again though, I'd love it if you could create an account and upload this there so it's better-preserved for the community.

    Best wishes,