MY ULTIMATE VIDEO MIXER & Cue-sheet for 2 stages & 5 movie player

  • @woland i'm trying to do it now, post on pluggin page,¬†¬†but I guess i'm not allowed as a regular user? It does not take my email/password and redirect me to a wordpress page...¬†do I need another account?

    thank you all for you comment, it was long due this post, but maybe its better like that because I kept working on the patch!

    Do test it well befor production, its got a few bug!

  • Tech Staff


    You need a new account. It is not linked to the logins that you already use for Troikatronix websites / services.

  • Tech Staff


    Yes, the Plugin Page runs through WordPress, so it's a different account than your forum account. Again though, I'd love it if you could create an account and upload this there so it's better-preserved for the community.

    Best wishes,


  • @woland¬†

    Hello, I finally upload my video mixer as a pluggin!

    But now that its done, I can't see it on "your pluggins" section... I guess its the time that you check it?

    Its exactly the same then the one on this page.



  • Izzy Guru


    I don't see any upload from you on the plugin backend, I do see that you have registered today 15. After your upload is successful there will be a message that your contribution has to be verified by an admin first. So may I ask you to rey-load your patch.

    Best Michel

  • @michel

    Hello, It seems your upploader has a problem, so I'v done the process on Firefox and Chrome twice and each time its the same:

    - its sending the data, then go back to the "add a new pluggin page" without confirming that my contribution has to be verified...

    sending the data...

    then back to blank...


  • Izzy Guru


    Ok I just tested it and it seems your Isadora file is to large (I used the one above = 20MB). Let me contact the programmer of this function and ask him to put the upload limit higher and that there should be a feedback so the user knows what the problem is. This can take a while, I will let you know when this is done.

    Best michel

  • @michel its true that its an unusually large patch... :-)

    let me know when its corrected!



  • @tease Thank you so much for building, sharing and especially for the video overviews in two languages! Very kind. Thank you.

  • @kathmandale thanks, the community gave me a lot, it was time to give back ūüėČ