Help getting jitter to talk to isadora via syphon

  • Seems like a ridiculous thing to have to connect jitter (don't spend much time with) to isadora (very very familiar with) but need to network video between computers for a project involving multiple kinect cameras etc. Have had plenty of success using QC syphon client with ni-mate and hoping now to use jitter to send ni-mate image to second computer using (which I know how to do).

    Just can't get to be read in Izzy by QC syphon client. I'm probably totally missing something here but seems like I just don't know what the "application name" is-the "server name" can be set to whatever in
    Anybody worked on this or have ideas?
    Would be great if I didn't have to go in and out of jitter at all but need to get kinect images out to different computers if I can...
  • Izzy Guru

    To find out the application name I open Syphon Recorder. There you find all available servers in a dropdown list. First part of the name is the name you give and the second part is the application name.

    By the way: Syphon Recorder is really great to record the Izzy Stage including sound via Soundflower.


  • Michel,

    Thanks-that totally helped! All working great now...