Fun little user actor to share. Create 'organic' variable drift

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    I haven't had a chance to share anything much on the forum for a while so I thought I would post a little user actor here.. nothing really tricky but fun, and it has been helping me produce a number of 'organic' animations lately.
    This drift actor, simply 'randomly' drifts a value between 2 thresholds. If used for say the X + Y of a shape actor, the shape will float randomly around the screen (between the threshold values).
    I will be posting a video of one of my first trials with this shortly, so I will add that link later as well.

    Have fun.


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    Interesting! Thanks mate.

  • Tech Staff

    this was my first experiment using this actor.
    Almost every variable that is being adjusted is being adjusted with the Drift actor.
    The polygon (4 lines and 4 corner shapes) is completely manipulated with Drift actor.. I have been working on a series of video based on this actor.. simple and fun.

  • cheers DusX, i always like to put a little organic maths into my patches, like scaling down the output of a sine wave generator and adding it to values to make things breathe a bit. have a look at my value decay actor that lets a variable fade down naturally to create a bit of softness to patches.