• Hey guys,

    I've been working with Quartz Composer particles and Isadora for the last few years and absolutely love using the two together. 

    However, with recent updates on my Mac Book Pro my lovely QC plugins no longer work! 

    I'm looking at alternative systems to recreating these effects. What I loved about QC was the gravitational effects, really nice blend modes, flocking, purloin noise options, and the emission based on a reference frame being disrupted. 

    Here's a video example of what I mean in practice. There was a certain quality in the particle render and it's 'random emissive movement which I just can't recreate in Isadora at the moment. 

    1.03 - particle emission from object source (IR camera difference track)

    1.20 particle emission from source track with purloin noise. (IR camera difference track)

    2.23 particle flocking to gravitational point (IR difference track of me messing around)

    Any help on either moving QC plugins or alternative systems which could be created via Isadora would be greatly appreciated. 

  • @grimvisions Firstly, nice work! Secondly, have you looked at the built in particle systems in Isadora? @Mark did several Guru Sessions dealing with these: https://support.troikatronix.c...



  • @citizenjoe thanks so much for the kind words. 

    Yes I've worked with Isadora's particle system before and love them. And these introduction tutorials are great. The problem is it doesn't have the physics effectors quite like QC, save a basic gravitational pull.  There's also a certain quality which is achieved through the 'alpha blend mode' package on QC which you don't quite get on Isadora.  

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on Isadora at all! I truly love the software and the community, it's just that part of it's power was integration of the now dead QC (RIP!) 



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    Very nice tracking and particle work. I have to say I did not see anything in your video that could not be done with Isadora native particle generators. If you want more sophisticated repel and attract parameters look at the 3D Model Particles module. It has very capable options for the style of particle systems that you are designing and are particularly effective when responding to tracking data. The tool set has been enhanced for this purpose about 18 months ago.

    Best wishes