• Laying out scenes for streaming, I'm making some actors to make it quick and easy. So far, I have an actor where I use Stage Mouse Watcher to set hor/ver positions that I pass to a selected Projector. It's working great. I feel like I can grab any box and drag it to any position thanks to tutorials and other solutions here.

    Now I'm trying to find the best way to change the zoom of the projector, preferably using the the mouse wheel.

    I see I can get the wheel delta x/y which I would want to add to the current zoom of the given projector.

    What I can't seem to figure out is how to get the current value of the zoom of a projector. It's easy enough to set it, but since a projector has no outputs, I don't know how I can get the original value to which I would add the delta.

    I'm sure I can work around it by setting the zoom each time, perhaps storing last one in a Global Val, but I'm curious if there are any more direct ways of making relative changes to the zoom of a Projector.

    Any suggestions?

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    Use another actor like a Gate as a go-between and change the projector's zoom by changing the value in the Gate. That way you can use the output of the Gate actor as a way to monitor the zoom input of the Projector.

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  • @woland

    That's so cool. I love these little tricks. I guess most actors retain their values, so using a gate just to hold the value, not as an actual gate in this case. I can do that. 

    I'm just starting to set up for a new show, so wanted to make it easy to quickly move things around in these early rehearsals so I can get quick turnaround for the designs. I'm having a blast with this stuff.

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  • @peuclid I have wanted access to the input settings of actors for years, I would be a great feature to have.

  • @fred I can see how that would be convenient for many things. I'm less than a month into learning this, so everything is new.

    I'm still having trouble getting the mouse wheel to control the zoom. It doesn't seem to deal well with feedback loops. I want to get a value, add the scroll wheel delta, and put it back in that value. But even watching for triggers, I haven't gotten it to work cleanly. Seems to add the number a bunch of times in a loop.

    For now, I'll just use right-mouse-down with vertical position for the zoom.

    So I have left-mouse-down to drag the box around the screen and right-mouse-down to change the zoom. It's working well enough, but it seems kinda hard to get the mouse wheel controls to do what I'm looking for.