• I am currently working on a big pixel mapping project (310 universes of artnet). I am using a software that works but is pretty limited. I guess for now this is out of the scope of Isadora , but TBH I wish I could be using it, it is so much more flexible than what I have to deal with. 

    As I was wishing I was using Isadora the two big limitations would be the limited number of artnet universes and then the mapping tools. The mapping tools are a lot of work but it would be a big extra, to be able to add fixtures and address them to artnet outputs to play video content over pixel tape. I guess I should not reference other software so much but madmapper has a great implementation.


  • @fred I think it's fine to reference good practice. Madmapper has the best implementation of pixel mapping I've ever used. To be honest, that's the only reason I ever use it any more. In the days before IzzyMap I would sometimes use it to handle the mapping side of things if I had to leave a show with someone else doing the mapping who wasn't used to it, before Isadora had the visual interface for mapping. Since IzzyMap was introduced I've never really needed it. The only time I ever open the software now is for pixel mapping as it remains, for me, the best out-of-the-box solution for that task.

    A broader upgrade to Isadora's ARTnet features, with patchable fixtures being top of the list for me, would be amazing. An 'IzzyPixel' interface, either as part of or very similar to IzzyMap, would a really powerful addition. 

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    I have logged this feature request (and oh boy that's a lot of universes!)