Example of ZoomOSC / Isadora setup

  • I made a little video showing some things I did recently in Isadora to make layouts for zoom theatre a little easier. 

    Here's a video link

    Here's the Izzy file which is also in the video description

  • @peuclid Thank you very much! the work you have done is impressive. Thanks for sharing !



  • @ril

    Thanks for checking it out. Feel free to rip it apart and use whatever parts are useful. I'd love to hear any suggestions for improvements.

    I found an issue at rehearsal yesterday where each time anyone changed their sound status (mute/unmute), everyone flashed on the screen. I wasn't passing one of the values through a "Changed Value" actor. Now I remember why I put those in there. I uploaded a new version of the izzy file this morning in case anyone had the version from yesterday and cares about using audio status to trigger visible/hidden for each participant.

  • This is a much more efficient version of the basic project. Don't use my original one posted above. Use this instead.


  • @peuclid thanks a lot ! Impressive work so meticulous and neat.



  • Thanks for sharing all your work and especially for the video! It's super interesting to explore it.



  • We had our show last night and I saw an error in my auto-cropper Javascript. I saw some edges of the zoom boxes (yellow talk indicator) for some of the actors. I used a higher-res screen (2560x1440) than I had used to write the algorithm (1920x1080), and apparently the margins and/or spacing is different at the higher resolution. I do remember that on 4k the spacing was 12 pixels rather than the 6 I had used, but I didn't realize that they went up sooner.

    In any case, we will need to adjust some of those constants in the javascript to not be constant but rather adjust based on the resolution of the video input.

    I hope you can make some good use of the project and please share your improvements.

  • @peuclid I have to study more to understand how it works, but is really impressive and useful work, thank you for sharing!