Edge Blend Calculator Patch

  • Hello All,

    In trying to help out a user, I became kind of accidentally obsessed tonight and made this little Edge Blend Calculator patch. Is this useful enough to finish up more robustly?
    It's nice because it presents a visualization of the overlap setup, and is resolution independent (i.e., the algorithm adapts to the aspect ratio of the display so that the visualization is always correct.)
    Well, have a look. A few tricky-tricks in there to be sure. ;-)
    Best Wishes,

    57cf47-edge-blend-calculator.png 82f3f7-edge-blend-calculator.izz

  • Yeah! The 3x1 is my most likely use.

  • Tech Staff

    VERY useful!

  • Hi Mark,

    When I attempt to go into the 3x1 scene, Isadora crashes! I've sent the crash reports.



  • Hi Mark,

    seemed to crash for me too when I enabled my preview. Doesn't appear to be any actors on the stage either?

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