How To Manipulate Chroma Key Background

  • Dear All,

    In the Isadora User Group, Yoshi Tanokura asked:

    Hello!  I'm sorry to bother you with a basic question, but if I have a video of an actor acting in front of a green screen, how can I superimpose an image and manipulate the image?  For example, if I want to slide the background image off to the side while a different image slides in, how can I set it up...?

    I used the Chroma Key actor and was able to set the background, but that's the extent of my success.  I would love to find out the various way of achieving this.  Thank you!

    Below is an example patch for Isadora 3.0.7 that should help illustrate the idea.

    You'll need to turn your video camera input on in the Live Capture Settings for this to work, and probably you'll need to adjust the 'hue' input of the Chroma Key.