• Can someone explain to me why when I play a sine tone of 11.2 KHz I have a clean signal on the analyzer and not on the sound frequency bands actor. With this actor I always have also a signal (even if slightly different) at 87Hz and 172Hz. What am I missing?

    best Jean-François 

  • @jfg hi,

    Can you detail how you record your sound with Isa?

    Is it an internal rewire or you are using speakers and mic?

    If so may some interference occurs with your hardware? An objet resonating in simpathy?

  • @bennnid

    internal wire over sound flower or blackhole

  • I think a better way to test:

    Oscillator > Blackhole > Sound input (blackhole) > analyzer and  at the same time Sound frequency Bands (input 2 Blackhole) > internal speaker on the MacBook Pro.

    with no signal from the Oscillator:

    with a 2075 Hz signal

  • Tech Staff

    Thank-you for the detailed tests.
    I am entering a bug report for this issue now, and linking to this forum posting as reference.
    It is clear that we should not be registering these bass frequencies when only a high tone is sent.
    Again, thank-you.

  • @dusx

    thanks. I have also made a feature request for a better scaling of the frequency in the Sound Frequency bands actor. (see the video in the feature request.

    I had for a long time I had also a ticket for the sound frequency watcher to change the minimum of the freq width. 100 Hz is too much for the subbass and bass. A better minumum would be 5 or max 10 Hz.