combine zooming pictures in fast succession with other playing movies

  • Hi fellow izzyists,

    about a year ago @Reinhard posted me a patch to zoom in on a series of individual pictures in fast succession (posted here). The patch works by alternatively activating two movie projectors on and off, so one can preload whilst the other plays out.

    I'd now like to combine this technique with a patch i've been developing over the last couple of years, that lets me preview, select and mix between multiple movie players.

    Only way i can presently figure out how to combine these two patches is to pipe the two alternating movie projectors (playing the fast zooming pictures) out to syphon and then back in as another stage to mix with the multiple movie players. This works but takes a bit of a hit on CPU and i'm sure there must be a better logical way to do this... any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Mr J

  • Tech Staff


    In Isadora 3 you can create a Virtual Stage (done in the Stage Setup window) and send to that rather than out to Syphon.
    Then use 'Get Stage Image' to grab the image from the stage, and continue to work on it.
    The workflow is a lot like your piping method, but fully internal to Isadora, and if using GPU-video very fast.