• I'm using Zoom OSC and a GLSL Shader, a Decider to Pull individual performer feeds and send them to a broadcaster. That allows me to use a listener to put those actors in my other cues. 

    I'd like to add their green screen backgrounds pre broadcaster so that I only have to set them once.

    I don't know how to combine these into a broadcaster. 

    I would usually use a picture player- to a zoomer- to a projector on layer 0

    Then I would run the performer feed to a chroma- to a cropper to clean up- and a projector on layer 1. 

    Is there a way to replace the two projectors with my broadcaster?  

    This is my setup:

  • @witmac

    is the picture player the background replacement for the green screen? If yes why not:

    best, Jean-François 

  • @jfg

    Yes! This is absolutely the solution. I have been doing the picture player projector on separate layers all of this time. 

    I was advised by Andy Carluccio that this may cause me trouble if the lights change, and that I'll be better off doing it per scene.

  • @witmac Yep this is all good. Eventually, we could work around the remote controlled DMX dynamic lighting issue hurting the key parameters with global values or broadcasters/listeners that could talk to the utility scene from any other scene. I tend to build landing points on a per-scene basis to adjust my keys by building a set of user actors for keying. I also bolt on a midi controller so I can adjust key params on the fly with "analog" input.