• Hi,

    I just started looking into the sdk, but it looks like the project files will not work on a recent version of Osx; it's very possible that I'm missing something, so I thought I'd post here, report what I'm doing and what I'm getting back.

    First of all: my system config:

    • Osx Mojave
    • XCode 11.3

    What I did so far:

    1. I downloaded the SDK from the official link, I installed, I opened the IsadoraDemoPlugin project and noticed that it was complaining for a missing SDK. 
    2. I verified that it was looking for MacOSX10.4u.sdk, so added the this sdk to my path.
    3. At this point the project thrown a series of errors, the first of which is "User-Defined Issue: 64-bit not supported". This error comes from Carbon.h in the SDK, which does not support 64 bit. All other errors also seem to depend on the old version of Carbon.

    My understanding is that I will need to build at 64bit in order to use a plugin with the latest Isadora, so I suppose there's probably something wrong with the project. I tried setting my Deployment Target to 10.14, but the project still looks for 10.4.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Tech Staff


    The SDK currently available is for Isadora 2.x not Isadora 3. The main differences are it's requirement for the QuickTime sdk and being 32 bit.

    A 64 bit Isadora 3 SDK is in the works.

  • @dusx got it: thanks for the answer!