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    I have a question, I have a live camera and I want to put a slow down effect?
    If it's possible you can help me.

  • you want to slow down time? Isadora is not that powerful, maybe you need to go with Marvel or DC? 

    seriously - it depends on what kind of movement is happening on camera. Motion Blur may give a kind of underwater slo-mo visual effect. otherwise you can use a Buffer to grab a sequence of frames and then play those back at a slower frame rate, but the question is then what happens at the end of the sequence?

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    I would suggest the following: 

    Start with a buffer actor for the instant slowmotion effect, 
    Your ram won't like it to do long clips so when you are playing back in slowmotion, start recording the camera. 

    When you are near the end of the buffer (±2sec) stop recording and start a new one. Then when the buffer ends switch to a movie player, playing the first recording.
    When you are almost at the end of that movie repeat with a new recording,....

    You will have some dropped frames between recordings but if you time it well with a pauze in the choreography its possible to make it invisible I think.

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    Gertjan Biasino