• I built my second remote performance using Isadora. Andy Carluccio has been a savior in helping me learn what to do. We used Zoom OSC to control zoom. I captured the video feeds using The Screen Capture Alpha, The Liminal Gallery Cropper, and Zoom OSC Multi Transmit to control who was pinned for full screen views. 

    I wanted to share the show with y'all:

    I wish that I had figured out how to adjust the OSC commands so that the performer was in place before the shot loaded. 

    I had some issues tuning the video feed and getting the right edges- sometimes you see a blank space below the performer. 

    I'd also like to put my user actors into the sidebar- but I don't know how that would affect track through- do they update across projects? If I put them in the universal drawer do they change everywhere? Or just in the project. 

    Love to hear your feedback.

  • Tech Staff

    @witmac said:

    do they update across projects?

     Yes User Actors in the Global bin if updated (save + update all) will update in all projects that are opened in Isadora while Isadora is linked to the Global User Actor folder.

    User Actors added to the files User Actor Bin are local to the file.

    User Actors that are saved to any location other than the. Global User Actor folder are self contained and not updated unless placed in a file and updated at which time only the local copy in the file is updated (not the saved copy).

    Hope that clears it up a bit for you.

  • @dusx

    Thank You! 

    This will allow me to use a lot of what I built for future productions. 

    Thank YOU!

  • @witmac I am just getting started.   New to Izzy as well other than the tutorials that do not really go into any of this type of work.  What you did is pretty much what I need to do for my next project.. So anything to share is very welcome.