• Hi I have a problem! We are revising a show we did a couple of years ago and I have opened the Isadora project only to find that all of the scenes use vid-cpu which I understand is slower? I always use Displace which is only available as CPU.  can't rewrite everything and anyway Displace is in every scene! I suppose I'll have to accept it won't run as smoothly as using GPU exclusively.

  • Tech Staff

    It will run as smoothly as it did previously. Just be aware that if you for example increase the Video resolutions (source files or internal Isadora default video processing resolution) that such a change will require much more cpu resources.
    eg: a 640x480 video has 307,200 pixels, while a HD 1920x1080 video has 2,073,600. That is a 6.75 times increase in pixel processing.

    Another option is a GLSL shader. One has been posted to the forum that is a similar effect to Displace.
    Maybe it will be a viable replacement for you.
    see: https://community.troikatronix...