Camera input video with HDMI extender does not work????

  • Hello,

    I am live feeding a video with the camera into Isadora. 

    I have used HDMI and capture card up to now, but I recently found out that I need more cable length so I bought an HDMI extender and I get an unsupported signal.

    Does anyone know why is that? Is it possible to use an HDMI extender while doing live feeding?



  • @elena What length are you working with? While some HDMI cables advertise long lengths, depending on your specific signal, resolution, refresh rate, etc., you may not actually have support for the full HDMI standard at every length. Check to see if your cable is directional, as many of the longer ones use fiber. Alternatively, there are other solutions like SDI designed to help you run a signal over a long length.

  • @liminal_andy

    Thank you Andy,

    So if I reverse the HDMI extender and I use it to send out a picture from the laptop to the projector it works just fine.

    The issue is when I connect the camera. Now, I checked I did it correctly so, 

    Camera -> Sender -> Ethernet -> Receiver -> Capture card -> laptop

    I did check all the possible HDMI settings in the camera, just in case there is something that doesn't allow communication, but it's weird cause with a simple HDMI camera to capture card it works.

    All I cansay is that it doesn't like the ethernet cable... and it might wants sdi.

    Any other idea... it is driving me a little nuts... :-)


  • @elena Which camera and which extender are you using? These are always a bit picky. Sometimes I have issues if my camera uses a mini/micro HDMI output port. I sometimes need to add a powered adapter before I can use it with any other devices like an extender. SDI would certainly simplify variables.

  • @elena

    HDMI Extenders vary so much in quality, and some can be very fussy about what kind of Ethernet cable you use.
    Since the setup works going from laptop to projector, and the camera works with the capture card when connected directly I'm guessing there's something about the signal that your camera sends that gets lost in translation.

    What's the extender make and model? And those of your capture card and the camera that you're using? What's the signal you're sending? (1080? 720? VGA? Progressive or Interlaced?)

    Does your camera have SDI output? In which case that might work better with an SDI cable and an SDI -> HDMI converter to the capture card.

  • @mark_m @liminal_andy 

    Hi guys,

    Thank you for your comments.

    So I am using a Sony AII and I am outputting 1080p 24p, My capture card is a Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen2. And the extender is this one

    Definitely not the best in the market.

    So the cable is a cat6  and definitely seems to be the issue but even though I researched online I could not find anybody talking about a similar issue.

    Unfortunately, I don't have an sdi out in the camera. 

    Do you have any suggestion about some testing I could do? I bought the extender in a shop and I was thinking to try with an sdi extender but I don't know how to test it considering there is no output in the camera. 

    Thanks and sorry for the late reply


  • @elena If you want to start using SDI, you will want to pick up and HDMI to SDI converter and then an SDI to HDMI converter, or an SDI capture card depending on the need / setup. We use the BlackMagic converters and capture cards, but there are many options. The BMD ones can be picky depending on the software they need to work with.

  • @liminal_andy

    Hei Andy, Thank you for your advice.

    Do you think I can still use my Magewell capture card with Blackmagic HDMI to SDI and SDI to HDMI? If not, do you have any recommendation for a fairly good alternative for the HDMI to SDI?

    I don't really want to buy a new capture card and also this one I have is really super reliable. 

    I am sorry but I don't know what BMD means?


  • @elena said:

    So the cable is a cat6  and definitely seems to be the issue but even though I researched online I could not find anybody talking about a similar issue.

    Changing the cable will be your cheapest option.
    All Cat6 cable is not the same.
    I try and use FTP cable instead of UTP.
    This is what I'm currently using and I have no problems with it at all using Extron and Kramer HDMI extenders. The Kramer is particularly fussy.

    So that would be my first thing to try.

    When Andy says BMD that's short of Blackmagic Design.

  • @mark_m

    Many thanks. I will check out what's the cable I am using and test an FTP first.

    Yeah I am not a big fan of BMD so, I will check out other options before to test SDI.

    I will keep you guys posted if I manage to sort things out. 


  • @Elena 

    Are you sure, the extender can handle 24p? It isn't listed in the specs, at least not on the page you linked.
    Why are you using it anyway? I't will surely cause you some trouble, if not your whole setup is going that way.
    You'll propably be better off with 25, 30, 50 or 60 (it seems the A II does only do 50 and 60 in 1080p/i, beside 24p. But 1080/50i, 60i could be considered 25p, 30p.)
    Besides that, all the devices in chain should do the same!

  • @elena

    Hi, you’ve probably tried this already: hook up a monitor at the end of the chain instead of the capture card. Did that give you an image? 


  • @dillthekraut

    Oh I actually didn't think about it. I will try it out. Thanks

  • @gvanb

    Actually, I didn't. I will do so, Thanks