• I am running a four hour evening workshop at STEIM on using the kinect camera with Isadora. Sign up is 20 euros, I believe.

    June 13th 6pm-10pm.

    They havent put up the link yet, but it will appear here: http://steim.org/events/
    An evening with Isadora software, syphon video streaming, and the kinect camera, using the kineme plugin with Quartz Composer plugins, for Mac users. (NB The workshop does not suit Windows users since it depends on Core Video which is part of the Mac Operating system)

    In this evening session, artist/performer Jamie Griffiths will guide you through the steps needed to get a first edition kinect camera depth-mapped image into Isadora as a live video input for tracking a moving object. The kinect camera uses stereoscopic infra red cameras to egenerate the data needed to draw a depth-map of the area in front of the camera. A depth mapped image is drawn with different grey tones representing distance from the camera. This makes the work of tracing a moving 'blob' much easier than with a standard camera.

    Additionally, we will look at the demo version of the third party software, NiMate, which allows you capture skeleton information and send the data into Isadora via OSC or MIDI.

    Workshop participants should be able to demonstrate existing knowledge of the Isadora user interface. Preference will be given to participants bringing their own kinect cameras. However a small number of participants without cameras will be able to join the workshop, in which case they will be able to work in pairs with those with cameras, in order to learn the process.


  • Hello Jaimie, a friend of mine did your work shop two years ago in amsterdam(Chris duplech)  was so happy to did it. So i bought a kinnect because i thought that was simple...big mistake!!! If you have projected to come in france to lead us towards the truth...of kinnect, it would be such a good idea. I tried to follow your exemple on your sites , but quartz composer do not recognize the kinnect. I tried  also to opened your kinnect actor, but isadora warned me to opened it. So i pray the god of human technology, but nothing come. I do not ask for a free answer but i don't know what to do. I've projected to do in november, the roots of a tracking dance project with IR  and another theatre project.

    Thanks by advance
    Best wishes

  • I had forgotten to tell you what is my machine

    Mac pro 10 6 8, 16Gram, 4 core (2010)
    Mac mini10 7 4  8Gram, dual core (2012)
    isadora13 1f02 usb key

  • Hi Bruno, yes I remember Chris Duplech. Aren't you in Portugal though, bruno? Or are you working in France at the moment? 

    Let me know? I have a workshop in London in mid-august if you can make it to that? 
    cheers, jamie
    PS... I am in transit in Canada this week, but we could arrange to skype next week, once I am back in the UK
    PPS... Or if you can get enough  people together in France we can talk about arranging a Kinect workshop? 

  • Thanks for your fast answer. I'm in paris during august exept one week. Perhaps you could try one workshop at "La gaité lyrique"3 bis rue Papin 75003 paris; armando Menicacci is going to do two workshop during September and october. You should do something in that place , http://www.gaite-lyrique.net/gaitelive, shows and workshop, If you want i can check some information ? But anyway i would be happy if we arrange a skype for next week. But first of all tell me how cost to make my kinnect working,) If i can, i'll pay if i can't, i 'll wait.

    Best wishes
    bruno m

  • Hi Bruno, I'll Skype you next week. Sorry I cant really help you before that.  Am swamped. Its hard to quote for an unknown scope. I'll need more info to understand what you are trying to achieve. If I can help you easily there'd be no charge but if it starts to look like it is really more of a commission, I can give you a quote.  Thanks for the tips about Paris.