[ANSWERED] IZZY is crashing during scene switching after app. 30min

  • i like to switch between two scenes with a frequency of app. 20-30sec for an endless loop. (forth and back) The installation should run continually for days ....  or weeks 

    Izzy crashes after app. 30 min ...  The shown 2 videos are in ProRes codex 1280x720 ,the position are controlled randomly and the movie player is in interaction mode (in performance mode the crash is earlier)

    my observation  : the load is increasing from 15% to 47% and at crash point app 5000%   the crash report (already send) said: unable to deactivate scene ...

    Has someone similar experience, a hint or a workaround?


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    Hi there Diether, I have seen the Movie player that was not responding correctly on Isadora 2.6.x when I was working on an installation for a customer before.

    Could you tell us a bit more how you are activating the scenes, and what version of Isadora you are using for the installation ?

    If you are using the end trigger you might want to look into switching it a Timecode based operation where you can use a simple Timecode compare and a jump++ to jump to the next scene.

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    I just made a test with Izzy 3 on Catalina and it is playing now for about 4 hours without any problems. Load stays under 2%. I have a 4 K video (HAP Codec) in one scene and an 1920x1080 (h264) video in the other. Every 5 seconds it jumps from one scene to the other back and forth, there is a random actor inputing a new value to the position after every scene entry.

    Best Michel 

  • @Juriaan

    I am using IZZY 3.07 and activate the scene with the actor enter scene trigger / jump, not jump++

    The size of my video files are app. 5-6GB  not too much ....

    I am using for image processing ci actors ....  maybe this could be a cause, but i don't find a replacement for the ci white point adjust.

    I going to test with smaller video file and jump++

    Thanks Diether

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    I can imagine that it could be the ci actor. You can replace the effect with the colorizer actor. It is nearly identical to the white point adjust actor. But be aware: for it to work the same as the white point adjust actor, you have to set the max scale value of red, green and blue to zero.

    Best Michel

  • Dear Michel,

    i tested the patch without the ci actors and it is still running in full HD .... more 18 hours ... thanks for your solution, it is realy simple ....  thanks, i didn't think of it ....

    you can close this topic....  thanks to Ryan too

    best regards