• Hello,

    Is there a way to make a screen recording that includes sound? I have an audio reactive patch set up and I'd like to record the screen output with the live audio embedded. Right now, it's just exporting the video.


  • Tech Staff


    At this time you can not do this within Isadora.

    What I use to accomplish the same AV recording is to record via OBS, using either Syphon or Spout as an input.
    This config works well. It separates the processing overhead, so it may actually provide more power to Isadora for the audio-reactive patch.

  • @liannemua seconding the previous speaker. Whenever I need an HQ software-based recording I use Syphon Recorder (on Mac). Does a terrific job. Play around with the settings a bit, do some tests regarding your hardware, and you should be good to go. 

    Obviously there’s also the hardware route utilizing capture cards on other machines, and/or if you’re using SMPTE standard res/fps combo’s standalone equipment like Atomos or Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck. This would take a bit of research and - I won’t lie - funds. 

    Good luck!