Celebration of the creator's 60 year birthday!

  • Hello Izzy family <3

    As a community, I like to celebrate Mark turning 60, what a significant milestone, and the significant year we just pulled through. As most of us knows that Isadora is bigger than just a software tool. There is so much within and beyond the art and technology that can bring us together as a community, with love, creative and compassionate humanity. I like to take this moment to share this love, joy and gratitude together, and to Mark, the father of Isadora, who's love and care for the arts community has such profound ripple effects that brought us where we are today. I made a little special video sharing a story about the recent discoveries from meditations that I did, some powerful hidden features in Isadora ;) 

    Happy New Year everyone & Happy Birthday Mark! Big Love from and to the whole izzy family world wide!

    Gifts of wisdom for 2021, birth of guru & spiritual energy in technology

    in celebration for my dearest mentor who just turned 60 today and to the challenging year that we just made through 2020, I made a little gift of some strange stories and discoveries that I’d love to share with y’all—the wisdom from the universe that potentially is channeled through creative humans, implemented energetically to everything that we do, the art that we create, even the softwares that we use to make the art! The teaching is profound, invisible and deep…. do you sense them? the unfathomed layers and layers of interconnections. Hope you enjoy this little story and share the joy, love and light to your spirit!

    (yes this video was made live with Isadora + Zoom, the background video are video materials that I filmed in 2020 of the nature in slow-motion, Isadora is making decisions when to bring which video, the intensity, time, etc. It's a collaboration :) 

    慶祝我們活過了2020, 也慶祝今天是我新媒體跟人生的恩師 Mark Coniglio 60歲大壽, 有很多深深的智慧在層層的浮現當中,想跟大家分享幾個故事,祝大家新年快樂

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    I love your ‘ghost in the machine’ narrative. The revelation that Isadora is spiritually embedded software that teaches its users humility, ethics and respect is just great. Your creativity allows persistence and resilience, and since you are sharing, I will take some of that ethos into my work too!

    To Mark, for contributing to our growth as artIsts and creators, deep appreciation and gratitude.

    Best Wishes


  • @chimerik thanks for sharing, love also the software as an entity ! makes sense... what drives us to create is always generating magical!