Live Remote Mixing for Live Performance Streaming on Vimeo or TWITCH

  • Izzy friends. I hope everyone is safe and well. I am looking for some solid advice.

    I am recommending to a client using Isadora for their upcoming remote streaming DJ presentation. 

    They are looking to live stream and mix 3 remote cameras into Twitch, including mixing in additional still / motion images & effects and viewers windows as well and are also looking to set up a virtual "VIP" room for their viewing guests. Kind of like a break out room or something to that effect.

    Looking for the most simple streamlined set up using Isadora as the DJ will be handling this mix themselves.

    They are looking to output this mix to Vimeo or TWITCH. 

    So far the software / plugins I suggested are:

    Three live Cams into MAC / Isadora via BM Converter

    Isadora Screen Capture plugin, OBS MAC Virtual Webcam, NDI Watcher, BlackHole 16CH (Sound)

    Any advise as to what the izzy actor flow should be would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance and cheers from NY!


  • @johnnymoreno

    For the "guru sessions" broadcast I've been really happy with OBS. It's simple, seems to be quite efficient, and easy to set up and use. It streams to all the major platforms including Twitch and Vimeo. Personally I would use the Stage Setup's  Syphon or Spout output option as the input to OBS, because this will give you the least latency and lowest overhead.

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark Thank you so much Mark. Hope all is well on your end!