• Hi!

    I am having massive problems trying to record my current isadora project. No codec I have tried has been working so far.
    I have set the render speed to 10% and told it to abort when dropping frames. However, when I use the DV video encoder, Intel IYUV and WMVideo9 I am only able to get one frame before the recording shuts down because it is dropping frames (and the frame that I get is very distorted and low quality).

    The only codec that has managed to record the project with decent quality so far is HAP Q. The problem with the HAP codecs is that the resulting video file appears to be broken somehow? When I play them in VLC I can't skip forward in the film without the program crashing, sometimes it crashes as soon as I open the file. 

    I also seem to have some problems with the length of the recording. 
    I use "enter scene trigger -> timed trigger -> jump scene" to automatically switch between scenes during the recording. The total length of the project is roughly five minutes. The most recent HAP-recording somehow ended up being 26 minutes long even though the timed triggers seemed to be working. 

    Does anybody know what could be wrong? I am very confused.

  • Tech Staff


    I have had better experiences using the Blackmagic design codecs (included with their video capture software - free).

    However. At 5 mins you will likely hit the Avi containers max filesize... This will truncate your video.

    I would use OBS to record a Spout feed from your stage. This would record realtime, so you patch needs to run smoothly in real-time. The nice thing about this approach is it off loads see work from Isadora, so you have more cpu space to use.