[ANSWERED] Dmx (artnet) trigger and trigger in general (midi osc...)

  • Hello I 've no problem to use midi as trigger to jump to next scene for exemple because the midi trigger is trigger only when it receipt a message .

    But in artnet , as soon as you are connect, the trigger is blicking ...

    So I have to use the "relative" value (0-255) send by selected channel (1-512) , here is the same with midi CC but with a range of 127 CC with a value between 0 and 127...

    How can I convert a relativ value to a trigger, for example , as soon as my selected dmx channel (or midi CC) is at a value of 100 or 50% or wathever but a know value ...



    U 0

    Subnet O

    channel 1

    value 255 

    a trigger is sended .

    Also: the artnet receive is only working at unicast on univers 0 ? It seems to doesnt work on other universe, I try to activate other universe in my lighting sofware but nothing appends...

  • Izzy Guru


    You can use the inside range actor.

    Best Michel

  • @michel nice !!!

    Inside range actor is perfect perfect for me !!! thanks

    And what about artnet receiver only on U 0 ?