OSC address cannot receive 2 consecutive "//" ?

  • I'm getting this message:
    SC addresses cannot receive 2 consecutive "//"
    Could anybody tell me please where lays the problem?

  • An OSC address should not have two consecutive slashes as far as I know, so it's disallowed by Isadora.

    Do you have some software that is sending OSC addresses with two slashes together like that? It looks like you're using OSCulator, which means (I would assume) that you defined the addresses yourself. No?
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  • thanks Mark, should I define the addresses myself? at the moment is in "automatic mode"

  • Dear Bruper,

    Yes, i guess you should.
    But, where are those addresses coming from?
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  • Dear Mark,

    the information are coming from the internal iSight camera via TSPS, it's working fine if I change the OSC input address in Isadora... Would be nice if it was possible to choose different addresses or profiles in Izzy, the same way as in Osculator, without having to restart Isadora; in that way in between scenes it would be possible to change OSC devices !!!
    Could you tell me please what kind of information and where, I should put in OSCulator in this specific case?

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  • Dear All,

    Well, this "two consecutive slash" thing doesn't make any sense to me.
    According to the OSC spec (See here http://opensoundcontrol.org/spec-1_0-examples#OSCaddress) , the addresses should follow the pattern /aaa/bbb/ccc" where aaa is a "container" that contains "bbb", and "bbb" contains the OSC method ccc. However, there's nothing in the document that says a container cannot have an empty (NULL) name.
    As a test, I tried sending an OSC message with an address of "aaa//bbb" to Processing, just as a test and it did receive it.
    So I've modified Isadora to accept messages in this form. It will be available in the next pre-release (1.3.1f03)
    But I would also say that the way in which TSPS is sending it's data seems a little "screwy" IMHO. I am not sure why they don't just send all of the values in one OSC message, instead of appending a parameter number to the OSC address. If they were to send all the values at once, you'd get a message like
    /TSPS/personUpdated param1, param2, param3 ... where each param is a number giving you one of the parameters mentioned here: http://opentsps.com/docs/tsps-osc-protocol
    Well, in any case, bruper, you should get this new version from me sooner rather than later. Really, it's going to take a million years to enter all the remapping addresses in OSCulator.
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  • thank you Mark for the explanation.
    Unfortunately is above my programming knowledge (which is decimals above 0).
    My question is, as a possible feature request, would it be easy to have the OSC "port number" in Isadora as an actor instead of being in izzy preferences? So that you could have Isadora listening to different ports even maybe simultaneously, without having to restart the application?? Forgive my limited knowledge in the subject :)
    Thank you for considering.

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  • Izzy Guru

    Isadora can listen to different ports at the same time but it can only send osc on one port. the send port is set in the izzy preferences and the listen ports are set in the stream setup.


  • @Michel
    what?? Now I'm really confused!!!
    I'm sorry but if I don't put the right port number in Isadora preferences, I can't receive anything on the stream set-up.
    If I send from touchOSC or OSCulator for instance to 1500 and on Isadora preferences I have 1234, I will definitely NOT receive anything in stream set-up.
    In OSCulator I can put a number on the "OSC input port" and immediately receive all the info from a determinated device or software or I can have various files open, each on a different "OSC input port". All without restart.
    I don't understand very much about OSC but a minimum to understand this, yes.
    Please explain.

  • Izzy Guru


    Ok now I see what you mean. It's a while since I used the OSC and a quick look in the stream setup shows port numbers, but the osc listener show channels that correspond to those ports. you are right the port number set in the Izzy prefs is the one you have to set in other software for Isadora to see the message. sorry for the wrong information.