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    Hi @michel,

    I am having an issue with the plugin page. I have tried to upload a new contribution a couple of times over two days and each time after hitting the upload arrow the new entry has not appeared and all the entered data is lost - the page reverts to a clear / fresh upload interface.

    I have a pending change to another plugin contribution - would this mean that I am unable to upload a new one until the pending has cleared?

    The new contribution file has a file size of 40.1 MB when I compress to a .zip file it reduces to 3.9 MB. This appears to be a big difference in uncompressed and compressed file size, I am curious if that is normal with Isadora files?

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    If you have a pending file it does not stop you from adding new plugins. The problem might be that the file size is to large. I can't imagine that 40.1mb zips to 3.9mb, there must be some kind of error for showing such a small size after compressing. This would also mean that your file size is to large to upload it to the plugin page. 

    I would suggest you create your new entry with a screen shot and all the text and send me the file you want people to download. I then will upload it to the backend. You can send it over with https://www.swisstransfer.com/ (the Swiss version of wetransfer), but you upload up to 50GB for free. I will PM you my email address.

    Best Michel

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    Thank you for the advice and clarification. 

    Best wishes