Please, join me for a general big, fat round of applause to Mark and the whole team.

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    Dear forum users, @mark

    I have been a while off izzy for personal reasons, but I continued to follow the forum where competence, general courtesy and generosity are at the top comparing to all the forums I follow. I also have followed the development of the guru sessions and Isadora video tutoriasl explosion on the web.

    So, returning to patch daily, I rediscovered the pleasure of doing so and this also gave me a sense of the development of our beloved software. None of this would be possible without the consistent, generous and incredibly precise work of its creator, Marc Coniglio that I am happy to call a very dear friend since 1999. Especially in these hard times where where we are somehow obliged to reduce ourselves into a personal tiny bubble, Mark and the whole team, did the opposite of that seem to have done a special effort in not giving up and in inventing new tools for teleperformance to thrive. (and, believe me, even bigger things are cooking for all of us. Wait and see...)

    So, I feel the personal need to give to Mark and the whole team a big, fat round of applause for the efforts, generosity, competence and vision that helped all of us to elevate what we can do and what we are. I'd love nothing more than to see others joining me in this grateful gesture

    Thank you Mark and a special thank you to the whole team. From the heart


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    Hi @Armando,

    I am happy to support your sentiment and join in praise for the Isadora team. Best Wishes to all who are contributing to this great tool. Thanks for making it accessible, affordable. It is a great companion for the digital transformation that has swept in with the tide.

    Best Wishes,


  • I totally agree and join in praise for the Isadora team but also for the quality of the forum.



  • let me join as well! it is a great tool indeed

  • Applause for Mark and the team is always a good idea!👏❤

  • Love it! YES!!

  • Yessssssssssss!!!!!!! Thank you for initiating this big round of virtual love. Gratitude is one of the most important thing in the universe. Thank you izzy family.

  • Here Here!!

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    @chimerik Thank you for joining

  • I whole heartedly agree. Thanks Mark and all at Troika Tronix.

    When the world closed down there was such a sense of Mark and the team saying 'What do you need? Tell us and we'll make it for you!' The speed at which new tools were created and priorities for future development shifted to respond to what the community needed was breathtaking.

    And also this community, all the users who contribute their work and time to help others is really like no other platform I've ever seen. It's a special thing we've got here. So thanks everyone.

  • Amen!!!


    -Alex Oliszewski

  • Hello Mark and Armando,

    As you know, I am not very often on this forum but I continue to follow it distantly.

    I agree with Armando to think of Mark as of one of the most important person in the video/performance field and I am thank him for his dedication to Isadora.

    Long life to isadora and Mark!

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 really enjoyed the guru sessions I've seen so far, but also more generally the generousity of the community. Well done folks 👍

  • Trøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøt! 

    Thanks to all the 1st hand isadorians for their great efforts. And thanks to this wonderful community, who supports the one, who askes.

    Thank You all!