• Hi, very new to Isadora, and working my way through the tutorial videos and the Guru Sessions, which are superb. The levels of activity and involvement are really uplifting.

    I am wanting to use Isadora for control of other software, mainly Projection Mapping based, and intend to use OSC. Watching the Guru Session #9 on OSC and it has raised a question in my mind. As I am very new to Isadora I might have yet to learn how this might be done, so be kind.

    How do you maintain OSC control during a show, that changes scenes. My understanding is that actors in one scene are only active during that scene, so any OSC listener will stop functioning while that scene is not active. 

    How do you create actors that control OSC communications throughout the show?

  • @danielpineiro Many thanks for this. I today got onto another guru session about cue's and scenes which gave me a clue as to how you keep some logic running all the time, and your link will, I'm sure resolve this for me. I'm still at the 'add a bit and see stage', so a full 'show' is a tricky thing to conceptualize for me.

    I like to have my 'ducks in a row' as it where before I setout, which is probably not the way to use Isadora, but it's all good knowledge. I'm a bit blown away buy what can be done with this system, it's staggering!

    Thanks again, now what was that next guru session.... :-)