• As some of you have seen, we released a huge update to ZoomOSC this week, and now I can detect the active speaker in a zoom call via OSC. So now in ZoomOSC Essentials (free), at least on Windows (Zoom is fixing an event system bug on their end for the mac version), I can receive an OSC message of who the active speaker is.

    I released (among many videos this week) a quick start video on getting Isadora to talk to ZoomOSC 4, but in this video, I am doing the reverse, having ZoomOSC trigger lower thirds that are exported to an alpha channel for broadcast mixing. The name and trigger come from ZoomOSC. I hope some of you find this useful! I ran the demo on Alex Lindsay's Office Hours, and for many hundreds of people it was their first foray into Isadora. I hope we see them on the forums soon!

  • Here are the materials:


  • Probably obvious but I would not run a lower third like this for the entire broadcast, just when I need to introduce someone again. We could add a series of timers to determine when we should show a L3 again after the last time they were on screen :)

  • Great work with ZoomOSC Andy! With the capabilities of Isadora and the Window into zoom through ZoomOSC we have been able to do some wonderful virtual theatrical happenings! I hope the Office Hours Group plays with isadora more. They will love it.

    Tláloc López-Watermann