best way to keep nonprogrammer

  • hello, please is there anybody out there who

    is able to build a simple standart firmata actor,

    which is able to do the same as every node for that, in for example nodered, max msp, ableton live via max for live, vvvv, touchdesigner. far we know.

    at the moment we put max for live device for arduino in a liveset in ableton, than we can use all in and outputs of all standart arduino boards.

    WOW. without any line of coding!


    then we have to route in ableton that live translate to osc or midi to get the data in izzy.

    so far so good.


    then we have to route the data from izzy in ableton back to the max msp device to get respond on arduinos gpios.

    it is ppssible.

    but in most situations not.

    time and stability, that's the creativity killer at this point.

    so now is the moment, we try a last time to

    get the answer no, if someone will do something with arduino he should learn coding.



    no, technical not possible( or maybe something like that....)

    but maybe, give all noncoder the chance to work further with izzy to get reallive data to flow.

    thank you very much.


  • I keep recommending the teensy for this. It is an arduino clone that can act as HID or midi interface. Its not difficult to program it to once and for all to have input/output pins on midi notes.

    If you are going to do it once, then I strongly reccomend the teensy. Or if you want to go wireless and want to put a bit more programming effort into it, then look at the ESP32 where you can use bluetooth low energy or a webserver to trigger.