IzzyMap Window Opens on Wrong Display Under Windows

  • Hello everyone,
    I have a question about isadora's windows.
    the problem I'm having right now!
    I have my main screen of my PC and Video projector and two screens, when I open the izzy map of a projector it is displayed in the beamer instead on my main working screen.

    I work on a Windows PC
    Thank you if anyone can help me 

  • @DusX - can you reply to this?

  • Tech Staff


    One guess is that this has to do with which display is your main display according to Display Settings on Windows. Isadora doesn't really care what display is a monitor and what display is a beamer, I think all it tries to do is open dialogs on the main display, so if for some reason your main display is the beamer that could explain why its opening dialogs there. Try changing which display is your main display in Display Settings on Windows.

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    A quick test showed that IzzyMap will always open on the leftmost display, regardless of which display is set to be the main display and regardless of which display you have the Isadora main window on. Therefore, I'd make sure that the arrangement of your displays in Display Settings has your main display (not the beamer) on the left, and the secondary display (the beamer) on the right. 

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    Windows 10 has a handy little feature that is great for these cases where dialogs/windows don't open where you want them.
    You can move most windows by selecting them in the Taskbar (roll over the Isadora Icon, and then onto the IzzyMap thumbnail and click) then press the 'Windows Key' plus the left or right arrow keys.
    This will move the window across your displays. (up and down also work, but aren't as useful in this case)

  • I have the same problem and it doesn't matter if the control monitor is 1 or 2 or left or right. IzzyMaps always opens on "the other" screen. I have restarted with only one screen then shoot down and connected the second screen restarted and IzzyMap i back on screen "the other screen"...

    Any ideas  ?

  • @xlrstik

    It might be a bug. @DusX and @Woland, let's work with the users to develop clear test case and determine if this a bug or not.

    Best Wishes,